Coach Announcement #2

A Coach Has Leveled Up

SQRL is coming back to the camp, but this time around upgraded from an assistant coach to a team coach. As an offlane player with a peak mmr of 7.6k, SQRL climbed from the bowels of 3k in just 2 years of playing Dota 2. Undoubtedly it was due to his excellent communication skills, understanding of how to lead a team, where to fight, and his try-hard nature. SQRL has a burning passion of improving his squads’ skills. He stacked with Wagamama on one of the only teams to beat the monsters that were OpenAI. In fact, they beat it 6 times, with a best time of about 20 minutes. Some things you may not know about SQRL, also known as Max, is that he often sails his boat, had a short career as a model, and broke his pinky four times playing volleyball.

Be warned, he’s a little nuts…

When asked what he was most excited for during the camp, he answered: 

“I’m most excited for two things: meeting everyone and seeing the students improve.”

We also caught up with SQRL’s new best friend, HoviteY, and asked him what he thought about SQRL:

“SQRL is not just a good friend, he’s someone I wanna have in every single of my soloQ games. Max doesn’t care what he plays or who his opponents are, he tries to win NO MATTER WHAT. His biggest strength is the way he talks ingame. Communication is key if you want to win dota and he is a master at it. If you come to the camp you should definitely spend some time with this guy. Have a conversation with him, challenge him in chess or try to beat him at volleyball.”

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