Coach Announcement #3

HoviteY is Back!

HoviteY has coached every single year and is possibly the most excited coach to come back to the camp again. Of course, we are just as excited to be able to have him back! He is an experienced support player, a great team captain, and an even better drafter. HoviteY possesses a great understanding of the position 5 role and the incredibly hard task of playing excellent Dota while sacrificing oneself for the team (both in networth and, well, literally).

While HoviteY was the team captain of LeftOneTV (LOTV – formed by previous training camp coaches who played together over a year), he demonstrated leadership and a strategic mindset necessary to win both the draft and team fights. As of late, Avatar HoviteY has sharpened his core roles in his quest to master Dota fully. Don’t hesitate to ask him about anything! If you haven’t, I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel. It has a lot of hidden gems to offer, like little (frightening) windows into his mind.

When asked what he was most excited for during the camp, he answered:

“I’m excited to show students how they can improve. It helps me to see my own gameplay from another perspective and understand dota in a new way. Being surrounded with students who have an incredible mindset, who are taking chances, and trying to get better is such a good feeling. The way everyone accepts each other and helps each other is something I don’t want to miss… I love this camp too much”

After the sweet things HoviteY said about SQRL, here’s what SQRL had to say about HoviteY:

“Even though I sometimes question his calls, (and most of the time when I do, I end up dying) Hovi is a really fun guy to have around. He’s someone who thinks about Dota every spare minute, and it shows in both his plays and strategic approach. Whenever we duo queue I always learn something new. He’s an amazingly smart and chill guy and will surely give you some great feedback to consider.”

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